Birth: 11 NOV 1645  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Marriage: 11 MAY 1667   Taunton, Mass

Birth of Son:  25 NOV 1672
Name:  Jeremiah Ormsbee
Place:  Taunton, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter:  ABT 1674
Name: Mary Ormsbee

Birth of Son:  ABT 1676
Name: Thomas Ormsbee

Birth of Daughter:  23 SEP 1678
Name: Hannah Ormsbee

Birth of Son:  13 SEP 1679/80
Name: Jacob Ormsbee

Birth of Daughter:  15 APR 1682
Name: Bethiah Ormsbee

Birth of Daughter: 02 MAY 1684
Name: Esther Ormsbee

Birth of Son:  15 AUG 1686
Name: Ezra Ormsbee

Birth of Son:  08 MAY 1689
Name: Daniel Ormsbee

Land Rec: 1689
Details: His name was one of those listed on a quit claim deed, which was given to the citizens of Rehoboth by William Bradford.

Birth of Son:  02 MAR 1690
Name: Daniel Ormsbee

Will: 23 MAR 1715
Details:  Probated Dec. 10, 1716. His will mentions his wife, Mary, and 9 children.

Death:  27 SEP 1716  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Buried: Burial Place Hill, Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:  Richard Ormsbee and Sarah Upham

Mary Fitch  

Birth:  ABT 1649

Parents are John Fitch and Mary Sutton

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