Birth: 1610  in Plymouth, Devon, England

Church:  The pastor of his church certified that Robert was not a non-conformist, which was a term used at the time to label those individuals who did not conform to the established Church of England.  So he was a member of the Church of England.

Marriage:  ABT 1635

Emigration:  APR 1635
Note:  Sailed on the “Elizabeth and Ann” from the Blackpool Section of the Port of London to Charleston, Massachusetts.  Robert built a house and windmill soon after arriving.  Occupation was listed as “husbandman” so he probably farmed.  This is also a claim that he had a gristmill.
    Note 2:  Robert was listed among the “subsedy men”, which means he was not sent to America by any English company that paid his passage.  Therefore he was not bound out to any man in America as a servant to pay for his passage.  He was a free man who went of his own “inclination.”

Church:  OCT 1635  Mary joined the First Church of Charlestown.  Robert joined APR 1636.
Note:  Church membership was only offered to those who satisfied the high standards of the Puritan fathers.

Freeman:  25 JUL 1636

Birth of Son:  BEF 25 DEC 1636
Name:  Eleazer Hawkins

Fine:  1638
Note:  Fined by town officials for selling his property to a foreigner without first seeking approval from the town.

Birth of Son:  BEF 25 OCT 1639
Name:  Zachariah Hawkins

Birth of Son:  BEF 03 APR 1642
Name:  Joseph Hawkins

Death:  11 SEP 1704  Charlestown, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts

parents are unknown


Mary ?


parents are unknown


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