Birth: 1635

Marriage: 1658/59 in Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Land Rec:  1658
Details: He sold John Roome, of Portsmouth, all his interest in Conanicut and Dutch Island.

Land Rec: 18 MAR 1659
Details: Robert and Mary sold eight acres of land to James Sands.

Birth of Son: 1660
Name: Thomas Hazard

Commissioner for Portsmouth: 1662-70

Birth of Son: George Hazard

Land Rec: 01 MAR 1663
Details: Robert bought 25 acres of Abel Potter. Presumably this Abel Potter was Robert’s first cousin, the son of his maternal uncle, George Potter.

Deputy to Assembly: 1664, 65, 67, 70, 71

Freeman:  1665
Place: Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Note:  From this time until 1698 his name often appears in Colonial Records as chosen to fill some important position.

Birth of Son: Stephen Hazard

Note: In 1667, the Court at Plymouth ordered, in reference to a controversy between the English and Indians about bounds in Dartmouth, that in case Robert Hazard, of Rhode Island, could be procured, he should run the lines, etc.

Birth of Daughter:  Martha Hazard

Jury:  1670

Birth of Daughter:  Mary Hazard

Land Rec: 1671
Details: He bought five hundred acres of land in Kingstown, of the Pettaquamscutt purchasers.

Land Rec: 24 NOV 1671
Details:  Robert sold two-thirds of a ten-acre plot in Naragansett to Gideon Freeborn. He had already sold the other one-third of the land to George Brownell.

Birth of Son: ABT 1672
Name: Robert Hazard

Birth of Son: 25 MAR 1675
Name: Jeremiah Hazard

Note:  In 1676, he and three others of Portsmouth were a committee ordered by the Assembly to appoint their own men as keepers of Indians above twelve years of age. The Indians were to have “a sufficient place of security.” Any master offending was to pay a fine of 5s.

Military: Military Commissioner for Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in King Philip’s War.  In command of boat patrol. Appointed, 4th Apr. 1676, Quartermaster and Ordnance Officer.

Note: In 1676, Robert Hazard was on a committee to procure boats for the colony’s defense “for the present, and there were to be four boats with five or six men in each.” [Footnote: RI Colonial Records, 3:535-536] At the same time he and three others were empowered to take exact count of all the inhabitants on the island, “English, negroes and Indian, and make a list of the same, and also to take exact account of how all persons are provided with corn, guns, powder, shot and lead.” A barrel of powder was put in charge of himself and three others, and two great guns in the yard of the late William Brenton, were to be impressed into the country’s service and carried to Portsmouth,a nd placed, one “in the Ferry Neck and one near the house of John Borden.” Robert Hazard and three others were to see that the guns were set on carriages and fitted for service. In 1676, also, he was appointed as commissioner to take care of and order the several watches and wards on the island, and appoint the places.

Birth of Daughter:  Hannah Hazard

Taxed:  1687
Place: Kingstowne, Rhode Island
Note: Not long thereafter he built his house there.

Land Rec:  1692
Details: Robert gave to his son Stephen “all rights and interests in land belonging to Point Judith Neck, being y-e seventh part of y-e same, excepting one hundred acres and Little Neck, so called, next Boston Neck.”

Land Rec: 1695
Details:  Gave his son, George, the larger part of his Kingstowne (Pettaquamscutt) purchase.  The deed runs: “I Robert Hazard, late of Portsmouth, now of Kingstown, alias Rochester, for the natural affection that I have unto my son George,… have given to him all my whole right and interest in or to the farm I live on now, by virtue of a deed from the whole Company of Purchasers, as may appear by a deed given under their hand. Said farm contains five hundred acres of land, more or less, bounded as in my original deed from aforesaid purchasers. Only I, said Robert Hazard, do reserve one hundred and twenty acres, and my now dwelling-house.”

Land Rec: 1695
Details:  Gave his son, Jeremiah, 200 acres of land in Tiverton.

Land Rec: 1710
Details:  Sold to his son, Robert, the remaining part of his farm “along with the manor house where I now live.”

Note:  His eldest son Thomas had land given to him by his father, which is proved by the fact that in his will he says, “land that came to me by inheritance from my father, Robert Hazard.”  By these deeds it would seem that Robert Hazard owned more than one thousand acres of land.

Death: 1710 in Kingstowne, Washington Co, RI

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Mary Brownell     

Birth: APR 1639

Death:  28 JAN 1739  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Note: In an old copy of the Boston Gazette, dated Feb. 12, 1739, is found the following notice: “Newport, Feb. 9. Mrs. Mary Hazard, widow of Mr. Robert Hazard, of South Kingstown, and Grand Mother to the deceased George Hazard, Esq., late Deputy Governor of Rhode Island, departed this life the 28th day of January last, in the Hundredth Year of her age, who was decently interr’d the Wednesday following. She had 500 Children, Grand Children, and Great Grand Children, and left behind her now living two hundred and five of the aforesaid number. She was  accounted a very useful Gentlewoman both to the Poor and Rich on many accounts, and particularly amongst Sick Persons for her Skill & Judgement, which she did Gratis.

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