Birth: ABT 1672

Birth of Son: 29 SEP 1698
Name: Jeffrey Hazard

Birth of Daughter:  16 JAN 1701
Name: Susannah Hazard

Birth of Daughter:  26 FEB 1702/03
Name: Hannah Hazard

Birth of Son: 1703
Name: Robert Hazard

Birth of Son: 18 JUN 1713
Name: Thomas Hazard

Birth of Daughter:  20 SEP 1715
Name: Amy Hazard

Birth of Daughter:  14 MAY 1718
Name: Mary Hazard

Will:  30 SEP 1718
Details:  He mentions his wife Amey, sons Jeffrey, Robert and Thomas, and daughters Mary, Susannah, Amey and Hannah.  Since none of his daughters were old enough to be married you cannot make any guesses by his will as to the men his daughters married. There is also no mention of grandchildren.   Witnesses to the will were John Watson, Benjamin Condon (sic) and Michael Harris.

Death: 1718

Will Proved:  10 NOV 1718

Click here to see parents:  Robert Hazard and Mary Brownell

Amy Champlin     

Birth: ABT 1676

Death:  1718
Details: A few months prior to her husband.

Parents are Jeffrey Champlin and ?

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