Birth: 0 in New London, New London Co, Connecticut

Married: 30 DEC 1708 to Hannah Avery in Groton, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 09 MAR 1711
Name: Samuel Morgan

Birth of Son: 13 APR 1712
Name: Elijah Morgan

Birth of Daughter: 13 FEB 1714
Name: Hannah Morgan

Birth of Son: 06 JUL 1715
Name: Abijah Morgan

Birth of Daughter: 09 MAY 1717
Name: Lucy Morgan

Birth of Son: ABT 1719
Name: Theophilus Morgan

Birth of Child: ABT 1721
Name: Experience Morgan

Birth of Son: ABT 1723
Name: Timothy Morgan

Religion: 1727
Note: They were living in the North Parish (now Ledyard ) in 1727, at which time they were in full communion with the First Church of Groton.

Death: BET 1729 and 1734
Note: An inventory of the estate of Samuel Morgan, late of Groton, was taken May 31, 1734. Samuel Morgan was administrator and his brother, Elijah, signed the bond {New London Wills, D:7 5)

Click here to see parents: John Morgan and Rachel Deming

Hannah Avery

Birth:  in New London, New London, Connecticut

Baptized:  13 JUN 1686 at First Church of Stonington, New London Co, Connecticut

Parents are James Avery and Deborah Stallyon

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