Baptized: 1645 in Roxbury, Massachusetts
Note: Either 30 March 1645 or 30 September 1645. Both dates are reported in the town vital records.

Married: in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut

Birth of Son: 10 JUN 1667
Name: John Morgan

Birth of Son: 09 SEP 1669
Name: Samuel Morgan

Birth of Son: 24 OCT 1670
Name: Isaac Morgan

Birth of Daughter: 08 JAN 1674
Name: Hannah Morgan

Birth of Daughter: MAY 1675
Name: Mercy Morgan

Birth of Daughter: 13 APR 1678
Name: Sarah Morgan

Birth of Son: ABT 1680
Name: James Morgan

2nd Marriage: to Widow Elizabeth Williams, dau. of Lieut. Gov. William Jones, of N. Haven, and grand-dau. of Gov. Theophilus Eaton

Birth of Daughter: ABT 1690
Name: Elizabeth Morgan

Offices Held: 1690
Note: “He also like his father and brother James, was a prominent public man, Indian commissioner and adviser, deputy to the General Court in 1690 from New London, and in 1693-4 from Preston.”

Moved: ABT 1692
Note: Capt. John Morgan removed to Preston about 1692

Birth of Son: 1693
Name: William Morgan

Birth of Daughter: Baptized 19 APR 1697
Name: Rachel Morgan

Birth of Daughter: Baptized 19 APR 1697
Name: Andrea Morgan

Birth of Daughter: Baptized 09 JUL 1699
Name: Margery Morgan

Birth of Son: Baptized 27 APR 1701
Name: Joseph Morgan

Birth of Son: Baptized 16 MAY 1703
Name: Theophilus Morgan

Birth of Daughter: Mary Morgan

Will:  23 AUG 1711
Proved 12 FEB 1712
Note: He names his wife Elizabeth and 13 of his children as then living, but it is singular that he makes no mention of his son Joseph, born 1701, who afterward settled in what is now Preston, m. Ruth Brewster and reared a family of children. The record shows that the probate of this will was appealed, and in the litigation which followed, this Joseph is mentioned as one of the parties.

Will: To Sons John, Samll, Isaac and James, he states he has given them their portion in land. To daughters Marcy Williams, Sarah Amos and Hannah Woodbridge, he has given them their share in movablesTo wife Elizabeth, one-third of movables forever, and one-third of real estate during her natural life.To two sons by Elizabeth, William and Theophilos, Land etc…To daughter Rachell Morgan twenty pounds to be paid by brothers William and TheophilasTo daughter Or’dere[sic] Morgan twenty pounds in movables to other two daughters Margery Morgan and Mary Morgan 20 pounds each, in movables or money (pd by William and Theophilos) What’s not disposed of is to be divided between three daughters Ordur, Margery and Mary. Wife Elizabeth and son Samuel appointed executors.

Click to see parents: James Morgan and Martha Hills

Rachel Deming

Birth: ABT  in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut

Death: 0 in New London, New London Co, Connecticut

Parents are John Deming and Honor Treat

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