Born: ABT 1638 England

Marriage: Ann Hill in England

Birth of Daughter: Elizabeth Gates

Birth of Daughter: Mary Gates

Immigration: 1638
Note: Came with his wife from Hingham, England to Hingham, Massachusetts Bay, in the ship “Diligent” of Ipswich, England.

Living: Hingham, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: ABT 1640
Name: Stephan Gates

Birth of Son: 1642
Name: Thomas Gates
Place: Stow, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 1645
Name: Simon Gates

Birth of Son: 03 MAY 1646 (baptized)
Name: Isaac Gates

Birth of Daughter: 03 MAY 1646
Name: Rebecca Gates

Moved to: Lancaster, Massachusetts
Note: Stephan quarreled with this neighbors, the Whitcombes, and was deprived of his constables staff. He moved away from Lancaster after less than three years residence.

Moved to: AFT 1656 Cambridge, Massachusetts

Death: 1662 Cambridge, Massachusetts

Will: Dated 09 JUN 1662 and proved 07 OCT 1662
Note: Stephan’s sons attempted to break his will, without success, claiming he was not of a disposing mind.

Parents are Thomas Gates and ?


Ann Hill

2nd Marriage: Richard Woodward of Watertown.
Note: On the death of Richard, she resumed the last name of Gates.

Death: 05 FEB 1682/83 Stow, Massachusetts

Parents are unknown

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