Born: 1642 Stow, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts

Marriage: 06 JUL 1670 Sudbury, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts

Birth of Daughter: 1671
Name: Elizabeth Gates
Place: Marlboro

Birth of Daughter: 1673
Name: Sarah Gates

Birth of Son: 1678
Name: John Gates
Place: Sudbury, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts

Birth of Son: 16 MAR 1680
Name: Joseph Gates

Birth of Daughter: Damaris Rose

Birth of Son: 1682
Name: Josiah Gates
Place: Stow

Birth of Daughter: 1684
Name: Deborah Gates

Birth of Daughter: 1686
Name: Anna Gates

Birth of Daughter: 1689
Name: Abigail Gates

Birth of Daughter: Joanna Gates

Birth of Daughter: Ruth Gates

Birth of Son: Caleb Gates

Moved to: 1703
Place: Norwich, Connecticut (which became Preston)

Death: 1726

Click here to see Parents: Stephan Gates and Ann Hill


Elizabeth Freeman

Born: 23 JUN 1648 Sudbury, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts

Parents are John Freeman and Elizabeth ?

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