Birth:  28 OCT 1701  Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Marriage: 18 JUL 1734  Congregational Church of West Hartford, Connecticut

Birth of Daugher:  24 MAY 1737
Name:  Susannah Hosmer

Birth of Son:  01 APR 1739
Name:  Thomas Hosmer
Place: West Harftord, Connecticut

Birth of Daugher:  06 APR 1741
Name:  Deborah Hosmer

Birth of Son:  22 APR 1743
Name:  Eldad Hosmer

Birth of Daugher:  20 SEP 1744
Name:  Ruth Hosmer

Birth of Son: 1749
Name:  Daniel Hosmer

Birth of Child: 18 OCT 1749
Name:  Jerusha Hosmer

Birth of Son:  01 APR 1753
Name:  Elisha Hosmer

Birth of Son: 07 MAY 1754
Name:  Simeon Hosmer

Birth of Son: 30 APR 1758
Name:  Ashbel Hosmer

Death:  22 JAN 1777  West Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Hosmer and Ann Prentiss

Susannah Steel     

Birth: 15 DEC 1715  Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Death: 07 OCT 1798

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Steele and Susanna Webster

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