Birth: ABT 20 FEB 1676  Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Baptized:  20 FEB 1676  Second Church of Hartford

Birth of Son: 28 OCT 1701
Name:  Thomas Hosmer

Birth of Son: 06 JAN 1704
Name:  Stephen Hosmer

Birth of Son: 28 NOV 1705
Name:  Joseph Hosmer

Birth of Daugher:  07 SEP 1707
Name:  Sarah Hosmer

Birth of Daugher:  14 SEP 1710
Name:  Ann Hosmer

Birth of Son: bpt 15 Mach 1712/13
Name:  John Hosmer

Death: 09 MAR 1732  Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Burial:  Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Stephen Hosmer and Hannah Bushnell

Ann Prentiss/Prentice

Born:  08 JAN 1678/79

Baptized: 19 JAN 1678/79

Death: 06 AUG 1753

Click here to see parents:  John P. Prentice and Sarah Jones

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