Birth: 21 SEP 1679  New Haven, Connecticut

1st Marriage:  27 JUN 1705  to Mary Lines   New Haven, Connecticut

Birth of Son:   04 MAY 1706
Name:  William Wilmot

Birth of Son:  15 FEB 1707/08
Name:  Ezekiel Wilmot

Birth of Son:  26 MAY 1710
Name:  Daniel Wilmot

Birth of Son:  25 AUG 1712
Name:  Thomas Wilmot

Birth of Son:  11 APR 1716
Name:  Asa Wilmot

2nd Marriage: 24 May 1721 to Sarah Barnes   New Haven, Connecticut

Birth of Daughter:  24 AUG 1725
Name:  Mary Wilmot

Baptized:  03 JUN 1748  Congregational Society, Woodbridge, Connecticut

Military:  A Captain in the Colonial Forces

Death:  1752

Burial:  As Thomas was living in New Haven, Connecticut, and passing away before 1820, he is buried in what is now the New Haven Green. The green and the vast surrounding area were the towns original cemetery. It was in the center of town. When they decided to use the cemetery as a central meeting place…all of the stones were removed and a meeting house was errected…and eventually over the years 3 churches were built. Some of the stones are in a memorial in the center church, some were propped up against the back wall of the new cemetery which is located on the outskirts of town…The Grove Street Cemetery…but most of the stones were destroyed and used to build local stone walls etc. None of the interred were relocated and all remain buried in the New Haven Green. Occasionally after a bad storm skeletal remains are pushed up out of the ground when trees fall or when they are doing excavation or building in the surrounding area…fully covered by the media each time. The green was the main cemetery for about 200 years and there could be up to or more than 12,000 of our ancestors buried there.
– Nancy Lynn Blakeslee

Click here to see parents:  William Wilmot and Sarah Thomas

Mary Lines     

Birth:  29 JAN 1679  New Haven, Connecticut

Baptized: 25 Sep 1687  First Congregational Society, New Haven, Connecticut

Death: BEF 1721

parents are Samuel Lines and Mary Thompson

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