Birth: 04 MAY 1706  Maryland

Baptized:  28 Apr 1754

Marriage:  22 DEC 1725
Note:  William was from Oxford, Connecticut at the time of their marriage.

Birth of Daughter:  16 APR 1726
Name:  Rachel Wilmot

Birth of Son:  13 JUL 1729
Date:  Daniel Wilmot

Birth of Son:  03 MAR 1731/32
Date:  Alexander Wilmot

Birth of Daughter:  23 JUL 1734
Name:  Lydia Wilmot

Military:  APR 1775 – Death
Details:  Francis Bernard Heitman’s “Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War of the Revolution P.440

Military:  10 DEC 1776
Note:  Became 1st Lieutenant 3d Maryland

Military:  15 OCT 1777
Note:  Became a Captain

Military:  01 JAN 1781
Note:  Transferred to 2d Maryland

Death:  14 NOV 1782  James Island, Charleston Co, South Carolina
Details:  Killed by a British forging party. The Blood of Captain Wilmot was the last spilled in the War of the Revolution

Burial:  James Island, Charleston, Co, South Carolina
Note:   Facts are established by the early historians, by the local traditions of the district of Charleston, and particularly, as to the date of his death, by our own Maryland Archives {vol. 18, page 479).
The South Carolina Historical Society, at the request of those interested in the subject, has recently attempted to locate the exact spot where this intrepid officer of the Maryland Line lost his life.  Somewhere, doubtless in the vicinity of the site of old Fort Johnson, on James Island, near the city of Charlestown, he was buried. Over his unmarked grave the ocean breezes bear the fragrance of sweet scented magnolias, planted there by the hand of the all-seeing Father, who marks even the sparrow’s fall.

Click here to see parents:  Thomas Wilmot and Mary Lines


Lydia Perkins     

Birth:  24 NOV 1705  New Haven, Connecticut

Death:  22 DEC 1767  Oxford, Connecticut

Click here to see parents:  Stephen Perkins and Elizabeth Ford

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