Birth: 12 NOV 1670

Christened:  18 DEC 1670  Milford, Connecticut

Land Rec:  15 August 1693
Details: Timothy bought a tract of land for 20 Pounds from a group of Indians, headed by one with the unusual name of Manquash Chesh-Con-Ug.

Marriage:  23 MAY 1699

Birth of Son:  29 DEC 1699
Name:  Timothy Wooster

Birth of Son:  17 SEP 1702
Name:  Edward Wooster

Birth of Daughter:  27 JAN 1704/05
Name:  Anne Wooster

Birth of Son: 17 APR 1706
Name:  Samuel Wooster

Birth of Daughter:  20 FEB 1707/8
Name:  Damaris Wooster

Freeman: BEF 1708
Note:  Timothy and his brothers Thomas, David and Henry are on a list of settlers who took the freeman’s oath for the town of Derby before 1708.

Birth of Son: 19 FEB 1709/10
Name:  Henry Wooster

Birth of Son: 26 MAR 1713
Name:  Arthur Wooster

Birth of Son: 16 OCT 1715
Name:  Eleazar Wooster

Birth of Son: Peter Wooster

Selectman:  1716 and 1726


Click here to see parents:  Edward Wooster and Tabitha Tomlinson


Anna Perry     

Birth:  22 JAN 1679/80  Stratford, Connecticut

parents are Arthur Perry and Anna Judson

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