Birth: ABT 1606  County Kildare, Ireland

Marriage: 27 AUG 1629  to Frances Latham St. Martin in the Fields, London, England

Occupation:  London Merchant and Perfumer
Details:  His wares were in great demand and quite necessary to offset the obnoxious odors arising from the gutters in a thickly settled district subject to heavy fog and having surface drainage.

Birth of Daughter: 28 SEP 1630 (baptized)
Name: Barbara Dungan

Birth of Daughter: 12 NOV 1632
Name: Frances Dungan

Birth of Son: ABT 1632
Name: William Dungan

Birth of Daughter: 13 Dec 1633
Name: Elizabeth Dungan

Birth of Son: 13 FEB 1634/5
Name: Thomas Dungan

Will: 13 SEP 1636
Details:  In the name of God amen, I, William Dunghen, of the parish of St. Martins ‘the Fields, in the County of Middlesex, Perfumer, being sick of body, but of good and perfect memory and understanding (thanks be given to Almighty God therefore doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament, in manner and forme following, That is to saye, First and principally, I commit my sole unto the hands Almighty God, my Maker, Saviour and Redeemer, through whose mercies and merits , I hope to be saved and to enjoy everlasting life in his heavenly kingdome. My body I commit to earth from whence it came to be buried at the discretion of my loving wife and executrix, here under named. And for my wordly goods wherewith God hath endowed me (my just debts being first paid and funeral expenses discharged I give and bequeath to each of my children, viz: Barbara Dunghen, William Dunghe Frances Dunghen and Thomas Dunghen, three score and ten pounds apiece, to paid unto them when they shall attaine to their full ages, or daye of marriage. if it happen, any of my said children shall dye before they come of age or happen marry, then my will and meaning is, that the part or porcion of him or her, or the soe dyeing, shall revert and come to the survivor or survivors of my said children to be equally divided part and portion alike between them. Any my further and meaneing is, that my said wife shall dureing her widdowhood, have the governing of my said children’s porcions, then my true intent and meaning is, that my said wife shall give good security to my overseers hereunder named, for the true and sure payment of the said legacies bequeathed to my said children as aforesaid according to my true intent and meaneing herein expressed. Item: All other my estate, whatsoever be it, in goods, chattels, leases, ready money, plate, or other my substance what ever, I bequeath to my loveing wife Frances Dunghen, whome I make full and executrix.
    William Dunghen.

Death: 18 SEP 1636  Greater London, England

Buried:  20 SEP 1636  St. Martins-in-the-Fields Churchyard, Westminster, Greater London, England

parents are Thomas Dungan and Mary ?

Frances Latham     

Baptized:  15 FEB 1609/10  Kempston, Bedfordshire, England

Note:  Frances Latham now generally called “The Mother of Governors,” because no less than fourteen of her direct descendants, and many sons-in-law in succeeding generations, became Governors or Lieut. Governors.  She had four children by her first husband; from the descendants of these children are many distinquished statesmen.

There are seven children born of her second marriage, and these too have given many governors to the country. Each one of Frances Latham Clarke’s sons served his country, or church, with public service, and each daughter married men who did the same. “She was undoubtedly a very attractive woman, her three marriages would indicate. One can only imagine the gathering of distinquished men and women in the “Common Burial Ground” of Newport when Frances Vaughn, recently widowed for the third time was laid in her grave.

There was her eldest Clarke son, then governor, her daughter Mary, with her husband, then Deputy-Governor John Cranston and later governor; and their son Samuel, who before the century closed would also be governor; her daughter Sarah, sometime the wife of Governor Caleb Carr; Barbara with her husband, James Baker, to be chosen the next year as deputy governor; Frances and her husband, Major Randall Holden, ancestors of several of Rhode Island’s governors and one of Washington: Weston Clarke, then attorney-general; James, Latham, and Jeremiah Clarke, with their sons and daughters, and Rev. Thomas Dungan, who perhaps was the one to say the last sacred words over his mother’s grave “Mother of Governors”

2nd Marriage: ABT 1637  to Jeremy Clarke

Immigration: ABT 1637
Details: Jeremy and Frances came to Rhode Island about the year 1637 bringing the four young children by her first marriage. They settled at Newport where Mr. Clark became the first Constable, and in 1648 Governor and Treasurer of the Rhode Island Colony. His family were members of the Society of Friends at Newport, the first Quaker settlement in America. Here at age 46 Jeremy Clark died, and here according to records of Friends Meeting lie was buried 11 mo. 3rd, 1651.

Birth of Son: 1638
Name:  Walter Clarke

Note:  1638
Details:  Husband, Jeremy, was admitted as an inhabitant of Aquidneck Island (Portsmouth) in what soon became the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.[5] Following turmoil in the government of the island in 1639, her husband was one of the nine signers of an agreement to form the settlement of Newport at the south end of the island.[5] He held a number of important positions in the town and colonial government, and in 1648 became President of the entire colony, serving for a year in this role. Clarke died in January 1652, with his death being recorded later in the Friends’ (Quaker) records. He was buried in the “tomb that stands by the street by the water side in Newport,”[5] now lost, but his governor’s grave medallion is in the Clifton Burying Ground where several Quaker Rhode Island colonial governors were later buried.

Birth of Daughter: 1641
Name:  Mary Clarke

Birth of Son: 1643
Name:  Jeremiah Clarke

Birth of Son: 1645
Name:  Latham Clarke

Birth of Son: 1648
Name:  Weston Clarke

Birth of Son: 1649
Name:  James Clarke

Birth of Daughter: 1651
Name:  Sarah Clarke

3rd Marriage: ABT 1655  to Rev. William Vaughan, Doctor of Civil Law, poet and distinguished scholar, one of the original members of the First Baptist Church of Newport, and one of the founders of the Second Baptist Church of which he was the first minister.
Details:  The time of her marriage to Vaughan was before January 1656 when she made an agreement with her oldest Clarke son, Walter, through his guardians, John Cranston and James Barker, settling inheritance issues, now that she was no longer widowed.

Note:  Rev. William Vaughan was a highly respected citizen of Newport, so much so that in April 1676, during King Philip’s War, he was one of 16 colonial leaders whose counsel was requested by the General Assembly during “these troublesome times and straits.”[7] Others named in this request for counsel were former governor Benedict Arnold, former President Gregory Dexter, and future deputy governor James Barker.

Descended from Royalty:  Frances Latham and her husband Captain Jeremy Jeremiah Clarke are of Royal families: both descend from Edward the 1st. and to Charlegmane 742. Gary Paul Daily Mayflower No 44242 RI 1106. Mildred Mosher Chamberlin 32952 RI 810. Review the Crown of Charlegmane in the USA. This line has been accepted. Also, check Burkes Royal Families.

Death: 02 September 1677  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Burial:  Governor’s Lot, Newport, Rhode Island
Inscription: “Here Lyeth ye Body of Mrs. Frances Vaughn, Alias Clarke, ye mother of ye only children of Capt’n Jeremiah Clarke. She died ye 1 Week in Sept. 1677 in ye 67th year of her age.”

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