Birth: 1623  Harwich, Essex Co, England

Immigration:  14 MAY 1634
Place:  from England to Ipswich
Note:  James embarked with his father, in the same ship (Mary & John, Robt. Sayres, Master) with Nicholas Easton.  His father dying on the passage, directed that this son should be in the care of the boy’s sister Christianna, then wife of Thomas Beecher, and subsequently wife of Nicholas Easton. He probably remained with his sister at Charlestown, Mass until her marriage with Nicholas Easton brought her to Newport in 1639.

Marriage:  1644

Occupation:  1644
Note:  Was a corporal.

Birth of Daughter: 1646
Name:  Elizabeth Barker

Occupation:  1648
Note:  Was an ensign and a member of the general court of elections.

Birth of Son:  1648
Name:  James Barker
Place:  Newport, Rhode Island

Birth of Daughter: 1649
Name:  Mary Barker

Birth of Daughter: Sarah Barker

Birth of Son:  1650
Name:  Joseph Barker

Birth of Son:  Peter Barker

Birth of Daughter: Christianna Barker

Note:  18 MAY 1653
Details:  He and another were messengers to demand the statue books of Mr. Coddington.

Freeman:  1655

Commissioner:  1655, 1661 and 1663

Note:  1661
Details:  He was a member of the committee to receive contributions to amount to 200 pounds, for the agents in England (Roger Williams and John Clarke), who were to obtain charter. The same year he had half of a share allotted at Misquamicut (Westerly), and was appointed one of a committee of Trustees to manage all affairs connected with that purchase. He never settled there.

Birth of Son:  1662
Name:  William Barker

Assistant:  1663, 1664, 1665, 1666, 1671, 1672, 1676, 1677 and 1678.

Note:  08 JUL 1663
Details:  Named among those appearing in Royal Charter, granted this year by Charles II.

Probate:  08 OCT 1663
Note:  Testified about land, calling himself aged about forty years.

Deputy:  1667, 1669, 1670, 1671, 1674, 1676, 1677, 1681, 1683, 1684, 1685 and 1686.

Note:  20 JUN 1670
Details:  James was commissioned with others in the matter of ‘an entrance made into our jurisdiction by some of Connecticut, and of their carrying away some of its inhabitants prisoners.’ Ten days later he was allowed 4s for his ‘voyage to Narragansett, to the Connecticut commissioners.’

Probate:  27 FEB 1672
Note:  He and John Easton were arbitrators in a controversy between Stephen Sabeere and Henry Palmer, of Newport.

Slavery:  29 SEP 1674
Note:  James and Caleb Carr Sr. bought for 60 pounds Awansuck, squaw sachem of Seaconnet, and her husband Waweeyonit and son Amos ‘all our lands lying and being at Seaconnet’

Note:  04 APR 1676
Details:  Voted by Assembly, “that in these troublesome times and straits in this Colony, the Assembly desiring to have the advice and concurrence of the most judicious inhabitants, if it may be had for the good of the whole, do desire at their next sitting, the company and counsel of” sixteen persons, among them James Barker. In the same year he was on a committee to order “watch and ward of the island”.

Probate:  1677
Note:  He was on a court to attend to matter of “injurious and illegal acting of some of Connecticut Colony.”

Deputy Governor:  1678

Probate:  27 MAR 1678
Note:  James and his son James were appointed overseers of John Peabody’s will.

Religion:  1690
Note:  He assisted in the ordination of Rev. Richard Dingley, the records of the First Baptist Church stating that it was performed by Mr. Thomas Skinner of Boston and “James Barker, a ministering brother belonging to this church.” A family manuscript calls Mr. Barker “a teaching brother among the Baptists many years”.

Probate:  27 MAY 1696
Note:  He made oath with others to the inventory of Rev. John Clarke’s estate.

Death: 1702  Newport, Rhode Island

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Barbara Dungan     

Baptized:  28 SEP 1630 (baptized)  St. Martin in the Fields, London, England

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