Birth:  1733  Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Religion:  He must have been associated with the Shakers Movement as some of his records are in the Shaker Religion.

Marriage:  04 AUG 1754 in Derby, Connecticut to Lydia Wilmot

Military:  Served during the French-Indian War

Birth of Child: 20 JUL 1755
Name:  Damaris Hawkins
Note:  Died 22 JAN 1758

Birth of Son:  16 NOV 1757
Name:  William Wilmot Hawkins

Birth of Son:  06 OCT 1759
Name:  Zadock Hawkins

Birth of Son:  24 JAN 1761
Name:  Peter Hawkins

Birth of Daughter:  26 DEC 1762
Name:  Lydia Hawkins

Birth of Son: 05 FEB 1765
Name:  Reuben Hawkins

Birth of Child:  29 JUL 1766
Name:  Damaris Hawkins

Birth of Son:  26 APR 1770
Name:  Eleazer Hawkins

Birth of Son:  11 OCT 1771
Name:  Thomas Hawkins

Military:  Served during the Revolutionary War

Note:  One of his sons, William, became a “Loyalist” and fought for the English and had settled in Pennfield, New Brunswick,Canada

Death:  20 OCT 1777  Connecticut
Note:  Most likely died during the fighting either from injury or illness.

Burial:  possibly Old Derby Uptown Burying Ground, Derby, New Haven Co, Connecticut
Note:  Not real sure this is his resting place but it is near his orginal home. His wife is buried in Pendleton Co.,KY along with several family members.

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Lydia Wilmot

Birth:  23 JUL 1734  New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut

Note:  After the death of her husband during the Revolutionary War, Lydia came westward with several members of her family into Ohio and adventually settled in Pendleton Co.,KY.She lived for quite a while with her son, Thomas.

Death:  1804  Pendleton Co, Kentucky

Burial:  Possibly in McMillan Cemetery, Pendleton Co, Kentucky

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