Birth: 07 SEP 1870 Posen, Germany

Immigration: 15 APR 1881
Note: Both parents immigrated from Hamburg, Germany to New York on this date. Albert probably came with them, although I haven’t confirmed that fact, yet.

Occupation: Laborer

1st Marriage: 28 MAR 1891 Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan  to Mary Laude

Birth of Son:  27 JAN 1892
Name:  William Albert (Bussler) Laude
Place: Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan
Note:  William was adopted out to his Uncle August Laude a few years after his mother died.

Birth of Son:  23 OCT 1894
Name:  Robert Bussler
Note:  Robert was kept by his father and raised with his new family.

Naturalization:  05 OCT 1896
Place:  Mason Co, Michigan

2nd Marriage: 05 JAN 1898  Norton Twp, Muskegon Co, Michigan  to Frieda Haag

Birth of Son:  03 NOV 1898
Name:  Otto Ernest Bussler

1900 census – Not in Norton Twp, Muskegon Co, Michigan

Gave up son:  abt 1904
Note:  Gave his oldest son, William, to his deceased wife’s brother, August, to raise.  He kept his youngest son by his first marriage.  I haven’t been able to determine why he did this.  Maybe William didn’t get along with his stepmother?

Birth of Daughter:  09 MAR 1900
Names:  Elsa Anna Bussler

Birth of Daughter:  23 OCT 1902
Names:  Hertha H. Bussler

1910 Census:  20 APR 1910
Place: Grand Rapids, Kent Co, Michigan
Note:  Living with wife, Frieda, and four children.

1920 Census:  13 JAN 1920
Place:  District 13, City of Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan
Note:  Living with wife, Frieda, and four children.

Occupation: Worked as the head maintenance man at the Detroit Deaconess Hospital.
Date: BETWEEN 1924 AND 1941

1930 Census:  04 APR 1930
Place:  Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan
Note:  Wife, Frieda, is also in household.

1940 Census:  03 APR 1940
Place:  City of Detroit, Ward 12, Wayne Co, Michigan
Details:  Wife, Frieda, is in household.  Living next door to son, Otto, and family.

Death: 06 OCT 1941 Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan
Place: Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan
Note: Died at 1:32a.m. from a coronary thrombosis.

Obituary: 06 OCT 1941
Place: Detroit, Michigan
Note: Funeral held at St. John’s Evangelical Church, corner of Russell and Chestnut.

Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, 19975 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan

Click here for parents:  Stephan Ernest Bussler and Amelia Lange

Mary Laude     

Birth: 19 DEC 1870 Wisconsin

1880 Census:  Riverton Twp, Mason Co, Michigan
Note:  Living with her parents, Frederich and Henriette Laude

Religion: Part of the first confirmation class at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
Date: 04 MAY 1884
Place: Riverton Twp, Mason Co, Michigan

Death: 28 MAY 1897
Place: Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan, USA
Note: Died of Blood poison

Obituary: AFT 28 MAY 1897
Place: The Ludington Appeal, Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan


Burial: AFT 28 MAY 1897 Lakeview Cemetery, Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan

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