Birth: 06 JUN 1632  Cucklington, South Somerset District, Somerset, England
Note: According to his testimony on 04 MAR 1662/63 when he said that he was “aged thirty or thereabouts.”

Land Rec:  29 JUN 1660
Details: Hugh first appears in the Rhode Island records on June 29, 1660 when he and five others of Newport, bought certain land at Misquamicut (Westerly), of the Indian sachem Socho, which had been given the latter by Canonicus and Miantonomi, for driving off the Pequots in 1637.

Freeman: 1664
Place:  Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Details:  Hugh probably lived for a time in Westerly, but in 1664 he was admitted freeman of Portsmouth.

1st Marriage:   1665 to Rebecca Maxson

Birth of Son:  1666
Name: Nicholas Mosher

Birth of Son:  ABT 1668
Name: John Mosher

Land Rec:  08 JUL 1668
Details:  A Portsmouth court record indicates that Hugh, having purchased of Thomas Lawton part of his farm near Hunting Swamp, obliges himself and heirs to maintain a good fence in the line between himself and Thomas Lawton.

Birth of Son:  1670
Name: Joseph Mosher

Birth of Son:  1675
Name: James Mosher

Court Record: 24 AUG 1676
Details:  He was a member of the Court Martial, held at Newport for the trial of certain Indians charges with being engaged in King Phillip’s designs. Several of them were sentenced to be executed.

Birth of Daughter: 1677
Name:  Rebecca Mosher

Birth of Son:  1678
Name: Daniel Mosher

Taxes: 1680
Details: Hugh was taxed £1, 4s., 1d

Religion: 1684
Details:  Hugh was ordained as pastor of the First Baptist Church at its organization. This church soon embraced people living in Dartmouth, and the Rhode Island communities of Tiverton and Little Compton.

Moved to:  BEF 16 APR 1690
Place:  Dartmouth
Details: On that day John Walley of Bristol Co. wrote to Thomas Hinckley, governor of Plymouth Colony, “he is a substantial manÉwhatsoever Mosier doth, he doth publicly, and makes account he can in law answer anything he hath said or done.”

Land Rec: 07 NOV 1691
Details:  He sold to Joseph Braman for 36s. “half my share belonging to purchasers of Westquadnoid. (The deed was witnessed by Rebecca Mosher and John Mosher.)

2nd Marriage: to Sarah Butcher, widow of Rev. John Harding
Note: There were no children by this marriage.

Occupation: 1707
Details:  Blacksmith

Lived in:  1708
Place:  Dartmouth
Details: Deeds show him a resident of Dartmouth as late as 1708

Lived in: 01 MAR 1709
Place: Newport, Rhode Island
Details:  A deed of Dartmouth land on March 1, 1709 gives Newport as his residence.

Will: 12 OCT 1709
Details: Hugh made his will at Dartmouth on October 12, 1709, and it was proved in Bristol Co. Massachusetts on December 7, 1713. The executors were his son James and friend Daniel Sabeere of Newport. Overseers, friend and kinsman, Jeremiah Clarke, and Captain John Stanton, of Newport. To son James, all land in Newport, with house, etc., there, and house and land in Dartmouth, and land in Squamicut (Westerly), Westquadnoid, etc. To grandson Hugh, son of Nicholas, 100 acres and to other grandsons of surname Mosher, 50 acres each. To wife, Sarah, all movables I had with her at marriage. To son James, ret of land. To each grandchild not of my name, 10s. To sons John, Nicholas, Joseph and Daniel, 12d. each. To each daughter, 10s. or 20s., as estate holds out. (He calls himself of Newport, at the time of making his will, but before his death had removed to Dartmouth.) His inventory totaled £290, 17s., 2d., and included purse and wearing apparel, bonds, bible and other books, dwelling-house and land, horse, 2 cows, 3 swine, carpenter’s tools, pewter, silver plate, warming pan, estate brought him by wife, etc. His widow Sarah died in June 1716 at Newport, Rhode Island.

Death: 1713  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Buried:  Common Burying Ground, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Will Proved: 07 DEC 1713

Parents are Nicholas Mosher and Lydia Maxson

Rebecca Maxson     

Birth:   1631

Religion:  1680
Details:  Member of Tiverton Baptist church

Death:  BET 29 DEC 1707 and 25 FEB 1707/8

Buried:  Common Burying Ground, Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

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