Birth: 02 MAR 1672  Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Birth of Son:  27 DEC 1695
Name:  Richard Kirby

Birth of Son:  03 FEB 1698
Name:  John Kirby

Birth of Son:  29 NOV 1699
Name:  James Kirby

Birth of Daughter:  02 DEC 1701
Name:  Sarah Kirby

Birth of Daughter:  28 NOV 1703
Name:  Rebeckah Kirby

Birth of Daughter:  21 DEC 1705
Name:  Elizabeth Kirby

Birth of Daughter:  16 DEC 1707
Name:  Mary Kirby

Birth of Son:  08 MAR 1710
Name:  Thomas Kirby

Birth of Daughter:  27 NOV 1711
Name:  Abigail Kirby

Birth of Son:  15 DEC 1711
Name:  William Kirby

Death: 1727  Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Click here to see parents:  Richard Kirby and Patience Gifford


Rebecca Mosher     

Birth:  1677  Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

Death:  28 APR 1746  Tiverton, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson

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