Birth: 1648  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Military:  1667
Note:  James enlisted in the troop of horse, formed to protect the island. His great grandson, James Barker, in a family manuscript calls his ancestor ‘a very bold man’.

Marriage:  1673

Freeman:  1675

Birth of Son:  04 DEC 1675
Name:  James Barker
Place:  Middletown, Rhode Island

Birth of Son:  ABT 1676
Name:  William Barker

Probate:  24 AUG 1676
Note:  He was a member of the Court Marshal held at Newport, for the trial of certain Indians, charged with being engaged in King Philip’s designs.

Birth of Son:  ABT 1677
Name:  Nicholas Barker

Deputy:  1678, 1690, 1696, 1703, 1705, 1706, 1707, 1708, 1709, and 1716.

Birth of Daughter:  13 MAR 1678
Name:  Mary Barker

Birth of Daughter:  16 OCT 1681
Name:  Abigail Barker

Birth of Daughter:  Priscilla Barker

Note:  1687
Details:  After being on the Grand Jury, he was called Captain

Probate:  22 MAR 1687
Note:  James and his son James were appointed overseers of John Peabody’s will.

Assistant:  1695, 1696, 1698 and 1699.

Birth of Daughter:  Jane Barker

Birth of Son:  16 JAN 1699
Name:  Jeremiah Barker

Probate:  04 FEB 1702
Note:  He was on a committee of fourteen persons, appointed by the proprietors to attend to division of common lands, and continued a member of the committee till after 1715. He received 18 acres as his share of lands.

Religion:  23 JAN 1707
Note:  He with other members of Second Baptist Church received a deed from their pastor, James Clarke, of the land and church building. Mr. Clarke had bought the land some years before, (Oct 23, 1697), from contributions of the members of his church, taking the deed in his own name, and built the church in the same year he purchased the land. He now, therefore, deeded both land and building to eighteen members of his church. The division of this church from the parent organization occurred in 1656, the reasons therefore being thus stated, “said persons conceived a prejudice against psalmody, and against the restraints that the liberty of prophesying was laid under, and also against the doctrine of particular redemption, and against the rite of laying on of hands as a matter of indifference.” (Morgan Edwards gives the names of the separators of the year 1656 as identical with the parties to the deed of 1707, whereas some of the latter were not born at the earlier date.)

Probate:  1708
Note:  He with others was chosen “to proportion and affix rates of grain and other specie” which were to be received as pay for a tax. They appointed a bushel of corn to be accepted as 2s, barley at 1s 8d, rye 2s, 6d, oats 4d, wool 9d, wheat 3d.

Death: 01 DEC 1722  Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  James Barker and Barbara Dungan

Sarah Jefferay     

Birth:  1650  Newport, Rhode Island

Death:  11 FEB 1736  Newport, Rhode Island

Click here to see parents:  William Jefferay and Mary Gould

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